Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Need To Learn.

Can you imagine sitting behind the same desk for almost 4 years? I know it's not long compared to our fathers and mothers 30 years of work but at one point even the most joyful and happy job gets a bit repetitive and it makes you crave something new - and I love it! This kind of "positive boredom" as I like to call it made me start drawing again after all these years, makes me continue to draw and I recently started thinking about styling a lot more. I am in a constant need of progression and learning, so why not teach yourself a little bit in the moments where work can't teach you? I can't wait to show you the pictures of a little photo session I had with some other motivated friends and strangers that become friends - being creative and learning makes people come together. I have exciting things planned - all next to work - and I can't wait to show you more of my styling experiences and drawing progress.

Behind the scenes from my first photoshoot. 
Beautiful Sarah is wearing The Kooples Jacket, Vintage white linen Tee, Marni Sequined Collar, Louis Vuitton FW14 Pants and Louis Vuitton SS15 Sandals.
Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Proenza Schouler FW15

There was something very theatrical about this Proenza Schouler collection and I have to say that it was quite spectacular to watch, something new I personally really appreciated. After seasons that were more minimal, these silhuettes seemed to be a good mix between minimal and modern elements such as the heavy, almost origami like, wrapped around the silhuette coats and free flowing, light elements that made the silhuette appear less stiff such as the fishnet tights, the feathers and deconstructed sequin tops. You can see where they came from - it almost looks like the collection is "deconstructing" itself in front of your eyes: the coats become tops but the element of "wrapped around" is still present, the fishnet tights become metal circles encrusted in transparent dresses - somehow it all made sense and yet if felt like something I've never seen before, at least not at Proenza Schouler. If anything, some silhuettes had something Célinish about them,the feathers and transparent dresses added this theatrical feel to it that always reminds me of Givenchy. What felt the most typical for the brand? The prints that looked like some things they already did - the black lines on colored background reminded me of their "color splash" print from a few seasons ago. 

Something old, something new - to me, it worked. 
Really, really interesting collection and incredible craftsmanship 
(can we talk about the number of sequins used on these tops please?) 
A pleasure to watch.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Face To Watch: Freya Lawrence.

Freya Lawrence might not be on your list yet but you definitely need to look out - after winning the attention of several well known photographers such as Jamie Hawkesworth and scoring the Spring Summer 2015 Céline Ad campaign this young lady has a bright future ahead - I mean just look at this perfectly beautiful, odd face. 14 years young and one of the most "impossible-to-get" Ad campaigns already on her list? Pretty smooth start. 

mother agency: select model management (London)
first and third picture courtesy of Céline
second picture courtesy of  Jack Davidson

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2015

A new great collection to complete the wardrobe of the LV woman step by many desirable pieces that you just want to mix with your already existing wardrobe or to create a whole new one. Nicolas Ghesquière does not dissapoint with his new vision that he maintains for the Louis Vuitton woman: a dynamic, working, travelling and ambitious woman hidden in every one of us.

You can discover the entire collection on or on

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Picture Perfect 10/02: Laura Kampman

Some of you may know Laura Kampman from the runway but in fact she's one of these girls that are way more than just a pretty face. She recently signed with The Lions to be able to not only model but also to include her artistic spirit into her everyday life, and right she is! I stumbled upon her photography almost by mistake and was impressed from the first glance; Laura has the incredible talent to capture raw moments but instead of falling into the trashy section of that kind of "real" photography she manages to never cross the lines and fall into clichés, every picture remains real but fragile at the same time, spontaneous and not posed, romantic rather than trashy. I'm a sucker for all kinds of photography and I love discovering new talents. Laura Kampman has definitely something to say and I hope that in the future we are going to see her as much behind the camera than in front of it.

You can take a close look at all her photos at her website

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Girls Will Be Boys: Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2015

After some seasons of seriously feminine Miu Miu girls Mrs. Prada goes back to doing what she does best and makes me a very very happy girl. For Pre-Fall she is transforming her girls into little boys while still keeping all these things that we love about her aesthetic: the patterns for example, here very 60ies with little flowers and that hint of an almost ugly "wallpaper" look that makes it so odd and yet appealing, all perfectly kept in Prada/Miu Miu color codes such as mustard, forest green or - more typical for the Miu Miu girl: the pastel colors that were so present these last seasons. Also - the grandma' cardigans that Mrs. Prada just does so well, season after season she makes the cardigan look fantastic: In combination with the socks and the prints this seasons' cardigans look again like one of these pieces that you just want to own because it has this new/old look with a very particular touch of "weird". The shoes never disappoint on top of everything: typically chunky, very masculine shaped can literally smell the thickness of the leather; Solid. No girly stuff going on here except for the mixes of colored snakeskin and glitter. Once again: "Odd" like only Prada / Miu Miu can pull it off. Boy scouts mixed with Sherlock Holmes never looked that good.

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